Why We Do It

Christmas is a magical time of the year that brings family and friends together, smiles from all the children, or even helping one person remember the real reason for Christmas. We cannot think of a better way to share the magic of Christmas than showing our fellowship with one another and being together to witness the Christmas lights. It is our gift to our community every season.

Lake Myra Christmas

Our History

My name is Don Williams and everyone here at the Williams family has always loved to decorate for Christmas. We wanted to be different and unique, so in 2002 we started to control our lights in a very limited way by turning the lights on and off with the use of a computer. I could really see the possibilities, and then in a short period of time the technology bomb shell exploded and away we go, just like Santa does on Christmas Eve.

In the Christmas decorating season of 2003 we introduced and formatted a light show that featured lights that “dance to music” plus broadcasting the music over a low wattage FM transmitter controlled strictly through computer control programming. To the best of our knowledge we were the first display in North Carolina to do this. The people that saw the display were simply amazed and to this day these same people visit our display in amazement! We are taking lighting technology to a new level !!

In the year of 2005 we decided to give our display theme names and that year our theme was “The Dance of The Trees” with over 100,000 lights and 120 high voltage control channels. This was the year my great neighbor Joe Phillips and the Phillips family wanted to get involved in the display. He could not resist because he also had a passion for Christmas lights. Our visitors were increasing by the day plus our other neighbor’s interest began to show a lot of light.

2006 was HUGE !!! With 138,000 lights and 266 high voltage channels plus the addition of our neighbor Nettie Williams across the street, we introduced “Reflections of Earth”, a sequel to the 2005 show “The Dance of The Trees”. Our nightly visitor count was hundreds and on week-ends was thousands. We talked with visitors that traveled 150 miles just to witness the lighting spectacle.

The saga continues in 2010 with nearly a quarter of a million lights and over 600 channels. Our format has changed which will deliver a Christmas light display with life time memories.

In 2011 we could see a huge problem. The display had grown to a point to where it was becoming very unsafe due to the crowds and very limited parking. We approached the town of Wendell and we were welcomed with open arms. We will open the show in Wendell for the first time in 2012.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank a few people that have contributed their time and expertise in making Lake Myra Christmas what it is today. Kevin Harris, David Harris , Josiah Hunter, Michael Hunter and the Enforcers Motorcycle Club.

We also thank everyone that contributed toward our Santa night, Gifts, Hot Chocolate and to everyone that helps out in making these special nights a joy for the children.