What Precautions are you taking for COVID-19?

1) Maintain a 6 ft social distance at all times

(candy canes around perimeter are spaced 6ft apart to help you guide a 6ft distance)

2) No more than 50 people are allowed inside the fence at one time

3) Everyone will enter through one entrance and exit on the other side

4) Masks are encouraged, but not required

5) No restroom on site

6) We will not have Santa visits this year

(We would love for everyone to instead bring your letters to Santa and put them in the mailbox near the entrance.)

Do you run the show in the rain?

NO……. because of safety reasons

(Please always check our Facebook Page for current updates before you head out to the lights)

Do you run the show in the snow?

When we get snow it is often wet snow and this will cancel the show. If we

receive a Dry snow we can run the show but remember we are still dealing

with water. Your safety and our safety devices are very important to us. We

can not guarantee the show will be up and running.

Is this a drive or walk through display ?

Neither!!! Imagine going to the movies !! You park you walk to the viewing area in front of display and watch the show. The show very in length from 30 min to 90 min.with lights and special effects dancing in perfect harmony with the music.

How much does the show cost ?


Do you accept donations ?

Lake Myra Christmas solely finance the display including the lights, electrical components, new elements, a vast amount of electronic gear, programming , setup and tear down. Yes we do accept donations which helps us grow. 100% of all donations goes back into the display and also our favorite charity. Your donations are very important to our growth.

What are the times the show begin and end ?

5:30PM TO 10PM Sunday through Thursday

5:30PM TO 11PM Friday and Saturday

The windstorm last year was terrible, have you recovered from the damage?

The day after last years storm was horrible. Massive damage and I knew we were

done for the year. It even pulled telephone poles out of the ground !! We re-engineered all of the elements to with stand higher wind loads and even rebuilt a number of the displays from the

ground up. It was a very costly repair !! But we were able to rebuild the display.

We were lucky to see the show last year before the storm and when there we notice many people with huge cameras and doing interviews with a lot of people. Please explain this .

WOW THAT WAS A NIGHT !!! You witness a production company out of California that was shooting video for a Christmas special, which will be nationally televised on The Travel Channel. We were chosen out of hundreds of displays in the country. Only 4 were chosen !!! We are very honored to have been chosen. When we find out the date it will be televised, we will post it here.

Why did you decide to move the display in 2012

In 2002, the year we started we would have 5 to 10 cars parked in front of the display and 15 to 20 people outside watching the show. Around 2007 this number increased to hundreds and later thousands. This was not a safe way to enjoy a Christmas event. Safety and convenience was our main concern plus we could not expand the show like our imaginations wanted us too. The town of Wendell welcome us with open arms plus we now have plenty of parking, space for our new ideas, merchants that will be open for Christmas gifts, restaurants open, rest rooms, and even a candy store. It is very exciting ! Christmas memories all in one place, and again our light show will always be FREE. We only accept donations.

How many lights are in the display ?

In 2005 our show had 103,000 lights The 2006 show had 136,800 lights . The 2007 light show, we had 152,500 lights. The 2008 show was 182,000 lights. Well for 2009 and on we just stopped counting lights. It was a LOT!

How much is your power bill ?

PRICELESS ! We keep our electric bill under control. You see a lot of lights but you will only see all on at full brightness only about 16 seconds per hour. We also run a huge portion of the display at 70% of full brightness. Most people cannot see the difference, plus we change scenes a number of times to bring interest to different parts of the display.

How much wire do you use to control the display ?

The best we can figure we have almost 14.5 miles of control and main power feeds.

When do you start planning your display ?

This is on going and we plan year round ! We actually have plans in place for the next 2 years !

When do you start putting the first lights up ?

October 1st normally but in 2012 we started in August because it is totally new. It takes about 7 weeks to have all the scenes in place and tested. We install all of the aerial effects first and then the ground effects. 2006 display was a huge challenge because of all the bad weather we had. Some of the displays took a lot of damage , but we still met our deadline.

Where do you purchase your displays?

99% of our displays and props are all home made. Check out the DISPLAYS page to see them during the day and night.

Do you leave any of the lights up year round ?


How long does it take to remove the lights ?

Around 3 to 4 weeks

How long is each show ?

We like to keep each show around 30 minutes. This seems to keep the traffic rotating pretty well. With the new location, we have been running the shows closer to 45min because we now have better parking and not as much traffic congestion.

How do you choose your music ?

Music to me is one of the most challenging parts of producing a Christmas light show. We try to choose music that is appealing to all age groups, so normally we mix it up a little. We even will use non-Christmas music but very carefully, so that it will fit into the show.

When does the light show begin each year and what times ?

Our light show starts the first Saturday before Thanksgiving . We had such a huge demand to run the show longer; we decided to start at this time instead of our usual December 1st start-up date. The show starts at 6pm and ends at 10pm Sunday – Thursday and 6pm to 11pm on each Friday and Saturday. We do cut the volume to the outdoor speakers after 9pm during the work week.

It must take a huge and fast computer to run such a show. How big is it ?

The light show does not take a lot of horsepower to run the show. Starting with the 2005 show we used a 1.34GHz computer with 256 Ram ! But for the 2008 show we increased the ram to 1 gig. This computer is dedicated to only run the show. Up to 2005 we only used a 400Ghz without any problems. For 2012 we use a core i5 machine.

The snow machines are great and the kids love them ! Does the computer control it ?

Everything within the show is controlled by the computer including the snow machines, high velocity blowers, ect. We use special SSR relays to control high amperage circuits.

We have noticed a great smell when the snow machines are running. What causes this ?

IT’s BUBBLE BATH !! You read it right ! The regular snow solution proved to be expensive so I started to experiment with several mixes. Certain surfactants does better then others, but I believe we have the surfactant that works well. We use a small amount of other ingredients to enlarge the flakes. We will use about 5 liters per night and then we reload the machines each day for the upcoming show.

Which display takes the longest to install ?

The Super Mega tree takes 4 to 5 days to install. It is our largest display, but needs to be installed perfectly. The reason for this is because it is controlled by many channels to give the effects of spinning plus we added new effects that is awesome. You have got to see it to believe it ! Total light count for the tree is in excess of 30,000 ! It will be the high light of the 2012 show.