How We Do It

Interested in putting on your own light show? Contact us today to sign up for one of the many LOR beginner courses we offer. Each course is free and is taught by our producer Don Williams.

Our Radio Station

The transmitter is a low wattage station that was purchased from Ramsey Electronics in a kit form and was assembled by us. The station works very well for us and gives sufficient coverage of our display without violating the Rules of part 15 FCC regulations, which governs unlicensed radio transmission.

Our Controllers

Lake Myra Christmas use LOR software and control boards. Standard LOR controllers come in 16 channels, but we here at Lake Myra have some of the original 8 channel controllers still. These controllers are daisy chained to one another via Ethernet cable and then tied into a converter box which is plugged into the USB of the computer. All of our controllers are mounted onto a frame to keep them off the ground and protected from the rain.